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A professional looking and operated Business Facebook page is an invaluable Social Media element of your marketing campaign and a very effective way of engaging with and growing your customer base. Make sure you do it right!
Facebook is without doubt one of the best ways to engage your potential customers and there are a lot of promotional, marketing and customer engagement tools at your disposal that are absolutely free. Some of my Business Facebook pages:
Having an great looking, eye catching and engaging cover photo that enhances your professional business Facebook page is important, but it's only the start! There are many advantages to a good business page and a lot to consider to maximise its success and benefits to your business.

The Benefits

INCREASED BUSINESS EXPOSURE - any opportunity to promote your business beyond your website should always be pursued and Facebook and other social media portals are used by most if not all of your potential customers.
TARGET AND ENGAGE YOUR CUSTOMERS - a business Facebook page is a great way to establish who your interested potential customers are and engage with them as to what they are interested in and obtain immediate feedback on the goods and services you offer.
GET YOUR CUSTOMER TO PROMOTE YOU - customers will "tag" their Facebook contacts if you they believe they know one or more persons that could be interested in your post.
ENCOURAGE BRAND LOYALTY - customers engage and stick with businesses that engage their customers.
ENHANCE WEBSITE VISITORS - draw captured customers to your website to increase traffic.
SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO) - an outbound/inbound link to and from your website can enhance SEO.
DYNAMIC AND ADAPTABLE MARKETING AND PROMOTION - Run competitions, promote specials and new products, hook in with a local or regional promotion, the opportunities are endless.

Points to Consider

HOW DO I TARGET MY CUSTOMERS - how and when you target your potential customers is vitally important - it will make or break your posts and customer engagement success.
DO YOU KNOW THE TIPS AND TRICKS - there are some clever and essential ways of getting your business name out there with only your time invested.
SAFEGUARDING YOUR BRAND AND CONTENT - did you know that Facebook allows anyone to create a Business page in your name - take steps to protect your brand!
OPTIMISING YOUR PROFILE PICTURE - your profile picture is what your potential customers see in your posts - on your page and elsewhere - make sure it's recognisable and reinforces your brand.
PICK THE RIGHT NAME - naming your page correctly is very important, there are some golden rules.
PERMISSIONS AND PAGE SETTINGS - there are quite a number of attributes when setting up a Business page - make sure they are set appropriately.
CONTENT IS KING - what and how you post will make the difference between a few customers that like your page and a steady growth over time.
These are just some of the benefits and considerations. CONTACT US today to make YOUR Business page happen!
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