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Here is a list of Website frequently asked questions (FAQs) and valuable information, drawn from those asked by, and experiences with our Clients. If you are reading these FAQs then there it's likely that you are considering your first website, a modern revamp of your existing site or perhaps you have just bought a business that has a website. The following endeavours to answer some of the questions you are likely to have.
You are welcome to Contact Us if you have any website questions that are not covered here.
I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT WEBSITES? - Don't worry - you don't have to! As a professional website designer with years of proven experience and loads of happy clients we will sit down and explain the process and what is required in plain simple language.
CAN YOU GUARANTEE FIRST PAGE ON GOOGLE? - We get asked this a lot! Like most of us, you've probably received SPAM email promising you first page on Google, or even worse - Number 1 position. These companies or individuals promise EVERYONE this. You don't have to be a genius to realize this is just not possible. Obtaining prominent listing on Google, or any other search engine is a complex and long process that I would be happy to explain. What I WILL promise you is that your website will be search engine optimised.
WHAT DOES A PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE COST?- This will depend on what you want, how many pages, the extent of content and whether you require an Ecommerce (online sales) facility. Like all things, you get what you pay for. I work from home, so you are not paying for lavish office expenses premises and/or staff. We can deliver a website for every budget!
I'M NOT SURE WHAT I WANT? - This can be a bit daunting, especially if it is your very first website. The best way to approach this is to have a look at other websites, especially those in the same or similar line of business. Note down the website address and what you like and don't like. This will help BOTH of us determine the design ("look and feel") and content. Your logo, business cards or any promotional material may also assist. Think about the style and feel you are after - corporate/official, casual, friendly, arty, "quirky" etc.
HOW LONG DOES A WEBSITE TAKE? - This is a question we always get asked. Once again, this will depend on what you want, how many pages, the extent of content and whether you require an Ecommerce (online sales) facility. The one single, stand out factor over and above these considerations is the time it takes for Clients to supply content and responses. The quicker you supply necessary content and respond to any questions, suggestions and/or acceptance of staged content the sooner we can complete your website. The shortest time we have completed a website is two weeks.
CAN YOU UPDATE MY EXISTING WEBSITE? - There is no straight out yes or no here. There are thousands of potential software suites, applications and programs that go into website design and functionality and it's more than likely that your website hasn't been updated for some time and/or may be poorly designed and coded. The standards and "best practices" for websites and how they display are changing all the time. So you are usually much better off with a new website that is modern, compliant and efficient.
I'VE JUST BOUGHT A BUSINESS - HOW DO I OWN THE WEBSITE? - To answer this question we need you to understand that there are four elements that make up the website. The domain name - ours is colinmolloy.com.au, the website hosting (where the website is stored), the website itself (the code, pictures and other content) and any domain derived email addresses. There are many possible situations between these four elements. The best course of action is Contact Us to assess your situation so we can give you the best advice and course of action.
WHAT ABOUT A DOMAIN NAME, WEBSITE HOSTING AND EMAILS? - We can provide a Complete Management "Total Website Solution" that covers all of those, not just your website.
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