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Take The Guess Work Out of Your Marketing and Maximise Spam Protection!



Marketing your business, and the goods and services you offer, is an essential element of your Business Success strategy. But any marketing strategy is guesswork if you don't measure it!


One of the greatest disrupters to your business, Spam, at least, is an unwanted distraction and resource/time consumer and, at worst exposure to spoofed, phished, virus, malware and data capturing malicous emails. 

Our Reports and Services

Fortunately, our reports and services address these. Read on...
Our Website Performance Report is the answer to how your marketing strategies are working. Include your website address and then let us measure the success of that marketing strategy/campaign using Google Analytics data capture.  The data possibilities are virtually endless, including:
# VISITORS - Number of visitors and whether they are new or returning visitors.
# WEBSITE INTERACTION - How a visitor travelled through your website.
# PAGE INTERACTION - What pages your visitors viewed, and how long they stayed on those pages.
# TRAFFIC CHANNELS - Where did your visitor originate - search engines, google ads, social media, direct etc.
# DEVICES - What devices visitors are using - Computer, tablet or mobile phone.
# COUNTRIES - Marketing Internationally? - See what Countries are engaged.
# COST - Only $30.00 per month, payable quarterly in advance.
No spam filter will block out ALL spam emails - even our premium Hosted Email Accounts Spam Experts service. With our Premium Management Report, we include the ability to forward any spam received and we'll black list for you!
We can black list at the domain level where a unique domain is used or at the email account level where generic type domains are used, for example etc.
We then send you a monthly report.
# FREE HOSTED EMAILS - Includes our premium email hosting service with Spam Experts protection.
# ACTIVE ADDITIONAL SPAM CONTROL - We will blacklist any spam emails that get through.
# MONTHLY REPORT - A day by day graphical report on the amount of spam that has been blocked.
# INCLUDES OUR WEBSITE PERFORMANCE REPORT - Provides you with a complete website, premium email service and spam report.
# COST - only $50.00 per month, payable quarterly in advance.
Last updated 28/01/2021