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Simply put, we offer small to medium businesses hand crafted websites at very reasonable prices!
We work from home, so you don't have to pay for extravagant prices to cover the costs of a business premises.
With almost 10 years in business, we have stood the test of time, as we have watched other websites business come and ago. That's proof of a safe investment on your part!
We do NOT compromise, constrain or squeeze Client websites into other people's templates! 
As a true, professional website designer, each of our client's websites are carefully handcrafted on their own unique framework and elements selected, designed and deployed to meet or exceed the Client's expectations.
Each website is designed, constructed, deployed and tested to ensure optimisation and best user functionality across all devices and platforms.
Your website can start off simple and budget conscious and grow as your needs and budget increase or include one or more of our many features and options. These include:
Ecommerce and Order Management System (EOMS) - A fully tailorable integrated system to manage product orders. This can be set to catalogue (display only) , order only or you can have a complete ecommerce solution. Includes a self managing Content Management System (CMS) administration interface. Or we can manage it for you.
Online Order Form - A fully integrated, product tailored, web form built to your requirement. Google spam captcha, post submission confirmation and formatted order emails to you and the party submitting the order.
Event Calendar - A fully integrated, responsive and highly visual event calendar, with Pinboard, Monthly and Agenda view, modal layer RSVP, multi social media and other portal subscription, reoccurring event configuration and includes a self managing Content Management System (CMS) administration interface.
Accommodation Management System - A secure, fully responsive, completely embedded, once off cost, no commissions booking system. Includes a Client friendly Administration interface, with optional discounts, coupons and invoicing!
Dynamic Instagram Widget - Real time interfacing and engagement with your Instagram account.
After almost 10 years in business, we have a tested and proven website delivery process that works!
Initial Brief
Even before the free and no obligation initial brief, we do our homework on your business. We appreciate that your time is valuable, so we make sure that, when we get together, we hit the ground running because we know exactly where you are at website wise.
This homework includes ensuring you have an ABN/ACN for a .AU domain name if required, the status of associated elements including Domain Name, Hosting and Website and, if you have an existing website, who is providing it, the structure and content and how it can be improved. We also capture your associated online presence, including any social media portals you are using.
At the Initial Brief, we confirm these details with you then discuss your website requirements, carefully listening to and noting outcomes from that process answer any questions you have and make experienced, proven and professional recommendations.
We then discuss your budget, if you have one and agree on expectations that are agreeable to both parties.
Finally, we compile a detailed specification and quotation and present that to you by email for acceptance.
Research and Documentation
Upon acceptance of our quotation and specification, our next step is to augment our research and carefully document your contact and business details, and record all elements associated with your website. This is referred to as a Client History file where all activities and information are meticulously recorded.
This includes contents of telephone discussions and emails, website, associated entities, social media, email and password details.
Additional to your History file is documentation and instructions on any of our many self managed features and options.
Our meticulous record keeping ensures we can put our finger on any required information at short notice.
Incremental Design and Staging
Incremental and Staging are terms that underpin our approach to your website.
Incremental refers to both our charging and website development.
Charging is usually 50% on project commencement, 25% on substantial development and the final 25% prior to going live.  However, if your budget is tight, we can also look at a monthly payment plan.
Incremental website development refers to our approach where we design, code, build and present your Home (landing) page first. This ensures we get the look and feel of your website right early on in the process. We then progress to each page, repeating the build and acceptance process as we go until your website is complete and ready to go live.
Staging is all about your developing website environment. The last thing you want is having a partially created website publicly visible. That is why we code, design and build your website on a private, search engine unindexed web server. Your website is only made publicly visible under your domain name when it is completed, thoroughly tested and signed off by you. An event referred to "Going Live".
Launching your website ("Going Live") is THE most event in the development of your website!
Vital to the success, initial impression and engagement of your website is content, structure, navigation and functionality that absolutely works first time! This includes appropriate hosting, email configuration, SSL status and external element connectivity including features, accessories and social media.
For this reason, we undertake a rigorous final check of all elements before going live.




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