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Web Management System (WMS)

Self management of your email accounts with complete password privacy.
Self management of advanced Spam (unwanted) emails.
Managed advanced Spam (unwanted) emails.
Comprehensive monthly website report.
Manage and update your own website with a totally unique interface - so much more than a Content Management System (CMS)!

Welcome to our Web Management System (WMS)!

We give you the opportunity to self manage your emails, passwords, advanced Spam control and/or update your own website - you choose.
Of course, we still offer the convenience and peace of mind of low cost website updates, enhanced spam management and our monthly website report which includes a spam report and comprehensive statistical assessment of your website's performance and any marketing initiatives.
Everyone's needs, priorities and what you want to invest time in differs, so feel free to pick what suits you:

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You Manage...

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We Manage...

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We absolutely and uncontestably reserve the right to modify our products at any time and will notify our valued Clients when doing so.


Comprehensive Instructions - these are tailored for and limited to each Client and will be updated and the Client advised, if and when required.


Self Managed Email Accounts - Where applicable, email accounts will be set up by us. Thereafter, the Client can add and remove email accounts and set passwords. Any remedial action or other assistance requested of us will be charged at the prescribed rate.


Advanced Spam Protection - No Spam protection software, by automated process or algorithm, will stop all unwanted emails, but it will severely reduce them. Advanced Spam protection provides, in respect to the unwanted email/s, for such email addresses to be manually black listed to prevent such emails from being further received.


Self Managed Website Updates - We do NOT use a content management system (CMS) as these can be "clunky", limiting and unintuitive. The Web Management System and associated software gives you absolute access to all elements of your website. The software is "closed source" coded and therefore far more secure than content management systems. An additional fee applies for the third party software.


Comprehensive monthly website report - This will include a host of daily tailorable statistics on your website visitors, and technologies used to visit your website - invaluable information, especially if you wish to assess conversion of marketing campaigns. Where elected, the report will include daily Spam statistics.

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